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"At my first Reiki session with Amy, I have to admit, I was slightly skeptical about what would result from the treatment. About 10 minutes after she concluded my treatment I felt a complete sense of peace, it was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and my extreme anxiety had been released. A month later I had a severe migraine, to the point where I could hardly do anything. Amy performed a treatment on me, and within an hour all of the pain and symptoms were gone. I am in awe of how astonishing the results of each treatment have been."


"I suffer from extreme knee pain. I was contemplating having knee surgery to relieve the pain. After one session with Amy, I was truly amazed that I felt no pain in my knees. I am now seeing Amy on a weekly/monthly basis to ensure that I stay pain free.”


"I can't say enough about Amy as a person and as a professional. She has a calming presence. She makes you feel at peace. She has helped my shoulder pain, headaches and anxiety. She is my first call for all ailments. I don't know what I would do without Amy in our lives."


"Amy performed Reiki on my daughter who is in kidney failure at home. Amy has been able to relieve the extreme migraine pain my daughter often gets after kidney dialysis! Amy has come over several times to relieve the pain and discomfort from getting kidney dialysis.”

Hannah's Mother

"Amy has always been there for our family. From injuries to Covid recovery and even emergency surgery for our cat, she has been able to send distant Reiki to us when we most need it. I swear I can feel the effects of her healing from thousands of miles away. Give Amy a try. She is the best!"


“I have never experienced such amazing pain relief as when she (Amy) performed a session on me. She could see I was struggling with pain caused by a recent surgery. She was able to relieve the pain while I was in the hospital. I had a follow up in home appointment and no longer needed to take pain medication after.”


"Before my session I felt tension, soreness, and pain in my hip. Once I saw Amy for a Reiki session, I immediately started feeling energy moving through my body like anything I had felt before. Specifically my hip seemed to react to the therapy very well. After the treatment my body felt relaxed. I could feel a difference, it is hard to put into words how different and relieved I felt."


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